Abuse Survivors Say Secrecy is Poisonous

PBS recently interviewed members of the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests (SNAP).  Their comments echoed ones we hear from adult victims of child abuse and neglect.

One survivor said talking about her experiences was healing because “secrecy is poisonous”.  Safe Passage volunteers who similarly survived abuse have also said sharing their experiences is cathartic.  


Another SNAP member said that exchanging stories created a sense of solidarity and energized them to keep working for change.  This helped them persist when their experiences were minimized, or they were pressured to forgive their abusers and “move on”. Our advocates also draw strength from each other’s passion for improving children’s lives.

Sharing painful memories can be difficult, but also powerfully healing if done with care and in a supportive environment.

Contact the Minnesota Chapter of SNAP for information about their monthly survivor’s support group.

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Rich GehrmanComment