Adult Survivors of Child Abuse Speak Out

Attendees at Safe Passage for Children’s fundraiser this week saw this powerful video featuring Niema Broadnax and Alisha Jacobs, two adult survivors of child abuse.  

Alisha video snip.JPG

As children, they looked to authorities for help in vain.  Alisha said that child protection was “always trying to do what was best for the family, but that wasn’t what was best for me.”  And Niema wanted children to know that they have rights too.

Alisha and Niema’s testimony demonstrates that children’s rights aren’t sufficiently respected or held in proper balance with those of adults.  In just a few minutes they communicate why Safe Passage needs to keep advocating for children. 

If you or someone you know is a survivor of child abuse, share your experience with us using #adultsurvivors on your page or blog.

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