Could You Have Saved Zayden Lawson?

Pioneer Press columnist Ruben Rosario describes how three-year old Zayden Lawson was used as a “punching bag” by his foster mother, her boyfriend, and their childcare provider.  

Mr. Rosario’s portrayal – which the County disputes – contrasts officials’ tight regulation of the message on Zayden’s gravestone with their carelessness about his safety.


The foster care connection isn’t surprising.  Minimally one-fourth of murdered children known to child protection are foster, kinship or adoptive placements.  

Contributing factors include:

  • Disproportionate respect for parents’ rights versus children

  • Inadequate standards for recruiting, training, and monitoring foster homes

We invite you to read the story and tell us this:

If you were in a decision-making role, what would you have done differently to keep Zayden alive?

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Rich Gehrman3 Comments