Does Child Protection Do More Harm than Good?

Recent reforms have dramatically increased the number of Minnesota families receiving Child Protection Services (CPS).

Some practitioners and activists say that the damage done by entangling additional families in the system is often not worth the improvements to child safety and well-being, particularly if, as some contend, support services aren’t available.


It’s fair to ask when the family stress and disruption from CPS intervention outweigh the maltreatment children are experiencing; and whether CPS involvement is worthwhile if therapy, drug rehab, housing, or other needed services aren’t available.

Let’s not solve these dilemmas by going back to when 72% of maltreatment reports were ignored.  Instead let’s all advocate for the services needed to make CPS functional, and work together to clarify when maltreatment reaches the point that child protection becomes warranted.

What do you think?

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Rich Gehrman1 Comment