Separating Children from Families

Most everyone is horrified at the inhumanity of separating children from their parents at the border, then putting them in cages with no toys or adult supervision.


Sadly, this is not just about other countries’ children. We treat our own callously too.  Millions suffer routinely from ‘food insecurity’ (hunger!) or are homeless. A ruling majority opposes giving them health care.  In Minnesota we can’t even get money to train child protection workers.

Nor is this situation just about the current administration.  It reflects who we have become as a nation. Perhaps this happened because as advocates we waited too long for reasonable arguments about nurturing children to prevail.   Now doing right by them will require taking power from entrenched interests. This battle could be nonpartisan, but probably not Minnesota nice.

What do you think?

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Rich Gehrman2 Comments