Steps to Prevent Child Torture



The recent deaths of the Hart siblings prompted the Child Welfare Monitor to propose changes aimed at preventing the kind of abuse they experienced.  Justis Burland and the Curry children also endured similar cruelty.

The Monitor’s recommendations included:

  • Prohibiting home schooling in child protection cases
  • A national maltreatment registry so parents can’t evade accountability by moving to another state
  • Clearer guidelines for doctors to report malnutrition

We would add procedures to:

  • Appeal screening decisions when maltreatment reports are repeatedly ignored
  • Enable Minnesota caseworkers to check other counties for prior abuse

These proposals may raise concerns about government overreach.  But ten children were tortured in these families. Seven died and three lost their capacity to lead normal lives.  Child safety should take priority over parental rights, particularly in such extreme situations.


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