Here are some developments in Minnesota’s child protection and foster care programs that we are grateful for this Thanksgiving:

  1. 10,800 more children annually are getting a visit from a child protection worker than prior to the reforms.

  2. 1,065 additional vulnerable infants and toddlers are getting scholarships to quality child care programs, with a goal of 3,640 more.

  3. Many skilled caseworkers and foster parents stayed with counties despite the enormous pressures they faced.

  4. Hennepin County made a major commitment to program improvements:

    • Reached out to the community to rebuild trust

    • Expanded its management team and added capable and experienced staff

    • Reduced worker turnover and caseload sizes

    • Added $13.2 million to the budget with a prevention focus.

It’s a good time to remember where real progress is happening.


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Rich Gehrman2 Comments