The 8% Rule and the Deep State

Purveyors of the “Deep State” fiction would have us believe government is controlled by bureaucrats who deliberately frustrate the will of the people.

In contrast – and it’s admittedly unscientific – while managing and consulting in human services agencies here and in other states I regularly observed this pattern:

  • About 8% of employees are inspiring leaders who accomplish their mission despite stifling regulations.  Ironically, these ‘bureaucrats’ accomplish most of the silo-busting that occurs.

  • 90% are competent, hard-working individuals who care about helping people.  

  • 1-3 percent should probably find other work.

It’s not inconsistent to question specific child welfare practices in Minnesota and still recognize that most counties have capable, committed staff.

Promoters of Deep State paranoia do a disservice to the nation, and particularly to Minnesota’s human services leaders.

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Rich Gehrman2 Comments