What Is Facebook’s Responsibility for Child Sexual Assaults?

Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg recently revealed his plans to implement widespread, end-to-end encryption of customers’ data through the Messenger app.  


Encryption limits social media companies’ ability to identify images of child torture and sexual assaults, which this New York Times report shows totaled 45 million photos and videos last year.  

Zuckerberg acknowledges some responsibility for helping to identify perpetrators, but the Times documents that Facebook and other platforms have cooperated grudgingly with law enforcement, despite long knowing they are supporting gruesome content.

As an industry leader, Facebook should model cooperation with law enforcement to other companies, and, when accessing content directly is no longer possible, develop technical tools to unmask pedophiles.

What is Facebook’s responsibility for stopping these assaults?  Share your comments below or reference #kidstoo on your blog or social pages.

Rich Gehrman1 Comment