The Total Cost of Child Welfare

Our survey of gubernatorial candidates’ positions on child welfare funding was encouraging. All three DFL’ers supported increases.  Republican Jeff Johnson wouldn’t make commitments in advance, but he supported increases for child protection and foster care as a Hennepin County Commissioner.  We haven’t received the…

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Myth of Child Safety as Priority

The mission of government child protection programs is to ensure child safety, permanency, and well-being. In practice agencies often prioritize safety, giving well-being and permanency less attention. However these three goals form a single integrated process that can’t be divided.  For example when safety oriented programs…

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Why So Many Foster Care Deaths?

In recent weeks an unnamed 3-year old girl was starved to death by these foster parents, six-year old Justin Burland was slowly tortured to death in an informal but court-approved placement, and infant Josephine was killed when her mother went to prison and left the baby in her cousin’s care. Factors contributing to these deaths include that…

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Separating Children from Families

Most everyone is horrified at the inhumanity of separating children from their parents at the border, then putting them in cages with no toys or adult supervision. Sadly, this is not just about other countries’ children. We treat our own callously too.  Millions suffer routinely from…

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Minnesota’s Message to Children

Most years the state legislature gathers all legislation in major areas such as human services, education, and health into huge omnibus bills.  This often precludes getting an up or down vote on individual funding bills or proposed changes in law. This year they went further.  They…

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