What's New at Safe Passage for Children of Minnesota?

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Ask the Candidates

If any candidate for governor holds a town hall forum, meet-and-greet or other event in your area:

  • Go to contactus@safepassagemn.org and let us know about the event
  • Please attend the event and ask them a question about their position on child protection and foster care funding
  • Be sure to loop back to let us know what they said! 

Here is a list of three questions you could ask.  Email us if you have any questions or want more background information.

1. Our child protection system is overburdened in many Minnesota counties. For example, child protection worker caseloads have increased. Do you favor increased state funding for our child protection system, overall?

2. Children of color, especially African Americans and Native Americans, are disproportionally over-represented in the child protection system. What steps would you consider to ensure that the system is working in the best interests of all Minnesota children?

If you have a special interest in early childhood issues you could ask this question:

3. Early Learning scholarships and Targeted Home Visiting programs are known to decrease the number of families who end up in child protection, or shorten their stays.  Would you support increased funding for these services?


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